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In an examination, like Civil Services Examination, what matters is the speed and accuracy. Though the topics are simple and general but UPSC in its filtration process asks even the simple facts in complicated manner. The examination pattern demands. A good aspirant to imbibe a sense of sincerity, discipline, devotion & dedication towards the syllabi contents at the first & foremost instance. CSAT demands an exclusive preparation whereas Mains demand a fair balance or mix of extensive & intensive preparation of its contents. So a candidate is shrouded in a confluence of confusion, controversy & contradiction about what to do & what to leave. There arises the role of expert educational pundits devising a mechanism of a time bound work schedule. A candidate before commencing his work should carve out a well engineered time schedule guided by Gurus so as to be self accountable.


We, at IAS TODAY Study Centre for IAS believe ‘Time is Money’. So preserve it to soar up in your lives.


We make the time schedule of each candidate here who joins us or even for outsiders for the better delivery of results.

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