1.  Interview board of Bureaucrats, Academicians, Professors and experts
  2. Series of 5 to 8 mock/Stressed interviews
  3. Covering Current issues, Optional topics, Personality Test
  4. All under Camera recording
  5. Both online and offline interview sessions
  6. Interviews followed by critical analysis of the session.   
  7. Interview Board under the leadership of Dr. K. V. Khera

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Interview Program- called ‘Super 30’ at IAS TODAY, Study centre for IAS

Our interview Program called, Super 30, is being run under the charismatic leadership of Dr. Karan Khera & Mrs. Khera. The interview preparation is the final milestone in this marathon of outdoing the competent Rival. To sort out the mess of futile institutes, IAS TODAY, Study centre for IAS, here is the final destination of candidates dreaming to come out jubilant & to be triumphant over the fear psychosis of charismatic vogue of Speaking.

A qualified aspirant has great hiccups in narrating the answers in a lucid & expressive manner. IAS TODAY, Study centre for IAS, stands tall in preaching the real, palpable style of answering the interview queries. We at IAS TODAY give you the list of the Sure-shot topics, every day that have great probability of being asked about.  Tricks & Traits of interview are also taught. A Candidate has to undergo a series of stress/mock interviews till all the hitches/hiccups are removed, may be on knowledge front, personality, current affairs or whatever.

Questions are framed from the jaws of warranting situations by the experienced board members. Every Stress interview of yours will follow a conclusive analysis of +ves or –ves of the interaction. One member of our board is committed to this job.

           The answers by candidates need to be in consonance with the guiding principles of Civil Services as Pro-Nation, Pro-Poor, Pro-Society, Pro-State, Pro-Family etc. The approach need to be Rational, intrinsic & expedient. We Democratize the answering methodology so as to catch up with the selected peers in civil services.

Our interview Program is more than cent percent efficacious. You need to expeditiously call & book your seat for mock interview preparation as we tune only a selected numeracy that falls in our ‘Super 30’ Group.  Avoiding this Program, making the priority subservient or ignoring the emergency of time will have a price to fall on your shoulders.

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