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IAS TODAY, Study Centre for IAS, is a mission established in 2001 with a broad vision to establish a bench mark institution to achieve excellence in onerous goal. A decade old institution established by Dr. Khera & Mrs. Khera has today institutionalized into goodwill of quality coaching for Indian Civil Services in the region.

It has become a preferable destination of high achievers, gold medalists, toppers from various universities of the region for their aggrandizement and goal satisfaction. There being no dearth of the talent in the country & thus rendering no way to UPSC other than making the recruitment process to these services more difficult & technical. Countless young aspirants compete for entry into Civil Services advertized by UPSC year by year. A candidate needs to be doubly sure to meet the standards laid down by UPSC.

Personal approach to the candidate, laxity in solving their individual problems & emphasis on building basics to personality development are the great aspects of teaching programmes undertaken by IAS TODAY, Study Centre for IAS. We believe in training selected number of meritorious & potentially loaded candidates so as to be in consonance with our goals.

The piece of clamouring news about IAS TODAY, Study Centre for IAS, outdoing the competitors is now at least obvious & unequivocal. UPSC gives a fair chance to a candidate to settle the scores of his success. Smart rather hard work has become the paradox of Civil Services Examination. A judicious selection of optionals, timely coverage  of syllabus  before  entering with the cycles  of Civil Services  Examination, competitive  spirit to outdo the competitors are efficacious indices bringing credit  to him.     

We at IAS TODAY, Study Centre for IAS, have always been & would pursue to strive towards excellence to soar through the clouds of difficulties to achieve our mission of helping the aspirants in translating their dreams into reality. Inculcation of goal, determined attitude, focused vision, hardworking spirit & initiative loaded personality are the expedient qualities sought by IAS TODAY, Study Centre for IAS, in a novice aspirant. The in-satiate greed to achieve success & an unquenched thrust to achieve knowledge are imperatives of an aspirant of Civil Services. 

We owe great gratitude to Almighty to provide us an opportunity to augment the aspirants with qualities compatible with the imperatives sought by USPC. I wish all our pass outs, present & future aspirants a Good luck & All the Best in delivering their services to the  nation & helping India in becoming one of the greatest nations of the world, free from hunger ,poverty ,exploitation, underdevelopment, undernourishment & unemployment etc. Let the pen of fate writes down the glorious destiny of an aspirant to aggrandize his social status in social hierarchy of the nation & world. 

Last but not the least, let our replete endeavours  bring results in achieving our mission, our goal & our vision.



                                                                                                                                              IAS TODAY, Study Centre for IAS



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